Princess Terrace Pub & Restaurant was created by three businessmen who initially founded a dinner cruising business twenty years ago. Today, our dinner cruises have attracted tourist visitors from all over the world and are acknowledged as the leading cruises of the Thai cruising industry. Initially, our three co-founders merely shared a common interest of building a restaurant on board so their customers would be able to dine and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Chao Phraya River at the same time. Having worked in tour agencies before, they believed this idea would be widely accepted. Hence, they channeled all their resources into creating their first restaurant on-board in the year 1990. Indeed, their idea proved to be a great success. As more and more tourists visited our floating restaurant, our co-founders gradually responded to the growing potential of our cruising business by building stronger, safer, and larger cruises to accommodate more international guests. Today, our cruising business has up to four cruises, namely Chao Phraya Princess I-III, and Royal Chao Phraya Princess.
    After our dinner cruises received great attention, our co-founders were inspired with another great idea which was to diversify their restaurant-related business into another stream, hence the birth of Princess Terrace in the year 2009. By titling our new restaurant Princess Terrace Pub & Restaurant, we could associate and unify our new restaurant with our Chao Phraya Princess to create awareness on where and how Princess Terrace originated. With the establishment of Princess Terrace Pub & Restaurant, our executive team would be able to offer our customers more options as to how they could spend their fun-filled evenings by the Chao Phraya River in the company of our service.
Princess Terrace Pub and Restaurant
Princess Terrace Dinning Area Princess Terrace Bar Area
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Princess Terrace Pub & Restaurant.
94 Charoennakorn Soi 21, Charoennakorn Rd., Banglampoolang, Klongsarn, Bangkok, 10600
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